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REDSTONE continuing vision is to implement the gained vast experience in all in sectors of construction, maintenance and plant shutdowns for the mutual benefit of our self and our clients.

Scaffolding Service

Scaffolding Service

Redstone is one of the leading company providing scaffolding services and access solutions to the clients of oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Infrastructure sector primarily in KSA. Redstone is well recognized in the industry because of the highest possible quality control system in place which ensures all provided services performs reliably on site. All our supplied materials are fully tested for conformance to BS, EN Aramco standards as applicable.

Our expertise ranges from a product of fine engineering skills to a cost-effective product/solution. All services and products carry our full guarantee of quality and reliability. Our world is scaffolding and it’s our commitment to design, supply and deliver the highest quality scaffolding to our customers.

Our Client Offering

  • Contract Scaffolding.
  • Access Scaffolding Rentals / Sales.

Our Products

  • Modular scaffolding System.
  • Tube and fitting Scaffolding Systems.
  • Climbing form system.
  • Consumable sales.

We are trustworthy partner for the industrial construction projects

Equipment Rentals

Equipment Rentals

Redstone Est. Provides a comprehensive range of equipment on a rental basis as per the requirement of our clients. We have committed and dedicated professional staff to ensure outstanding services.

Rental activities are part of Redstone core business. We support numerous local projects that require rental equipment. Also at large construction sites, we provide complete fleets of smaller and larger cranes, transport vehicles and additional equipment. The service to mobilize a huge range of equipment to serve rental activities is often considered as a competitive advantage.

Redstone handles and solves global logistic problems for the intercontinental transport and installation of heavy or outsized items for new and existing industrial plants. All control panels are arranged for either manual or auto start. We provide a facility of transportation to site, installation, and testing.

Our Services

  • Mobile Cranes and Crawler Cranes with a capacity of ranging from 25 up to 1,200 Tons.
  • Wire Rope Slings, Shackles, Belts, Lifting Beams, Spreader Bars, Man Baskets, Test Weights, etc.
  • Light Equipment like Forklifts with a capacity of starting from 3 up to 16 Tons, Tower Lights.
  • Welding Machines, Air Compressors, Manlifts, Scissor Lifts, Diesel Generator ranging from 10 to 1000 KVA, etc.
  • Civil Equipment like Excavators, Loaders, Dump Trucks, Compactors, Graders, etc.
  • Various Automobiles like Trailers, Trucks, Buses, Pick-ups, Vans, Ambulances, Boom Trucks

Our Technical Specialists

  • Available 24×7 to deploy and provide maintenance on equipment.
  • Monitor performance and ensure outstanding services at all times.

We are trustworthy partner for the industrial construction projects

Manpower Services

Manpower Services

The Manpower Services Division is able to support the Needs of all Industrial Companies Involved. In Manufacturing Requiring Local Saudi & International Talent Under The Following Categories (TUV & ARAMCO CERTIFIED)

  • Unskilled
  • Administrative
  • Skilled
  • Senior
    We are Continuously Training our employees in HSE Language Skills Enhancement Quality Assurance & Quality Control. For The Benefit of our Clients Compiling with our Clients Requirements.


  • Plant Routine Maintenance
  • Turn Around Shutdowns & Emergency, Services
  • Senior Category People in all Disciplines
  • Administrative Staff
  • Long Term and Short Term Placement
  • Product Handling
  • Support Service for plant Construction

Project Engineer

  • HSE Manager
  • Q/C Manager
  • Electrical Q/C
  • Civil Q/C
  • Mechanical Q/C
  • Piping Q/C
  • Document Controller
  • Material Controller
  • Surveyor

Project Control

  • Cost Control Engineer.
  • Cost Control Officer.
  • Junior Planning Engineer.
  • Planning Engineer.
  • Quality Surveyor.

We are trustworthy partner for the industrial construction projects

Heavy Lifting Divisions

Heavy Lifting Divisions

We offer a variety of cranes to suit projects both large and small. Our fleet ranges from the worlds highest capacity land-based crane through to crawler cranes, mobile cranes and smaller hire cranes. Redstone operates a comprehensive fleet of heavy cranes with our crawler fleet, ranging from 50t to 500t. The fleet includes some of the largest equipment and latest technology available today, providing the range, sizes, and capabilities to meet the demands of modern day projects.

The cranes are based in strategic locations worldwide to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution, minimizing mobilization and maximizing use. Our crane engineering and rigging teams provide innovative and client-focused solutions to your rigging and lifting requirements and produce technically sound, well-thought-out schemes.

With a strong heritage in engineering and innovation, Redstone is perfectly placed to undertake the most complex and intricate lifting projects. Our team of experienced multidisciplinary engineers investigates and prepare lifting schemes and tailor-make solutions for complex lifting operations. Our range of lifting equipment includes bespoke gantry systems, modular power systems, hydraulic lift systems, and strand jack systems.

We believe that technology, design, and ingenuity are essential for customer-focused solutions that address the very specific challenges each project brings. The exclusive lifting equipment we’ve developed is the result of many years’ experience and detailed research carried out by our Research and Development facility.

We are trustworthy partner for the industrial construction projects